Wausa Leisure Living Center Redevelopment Plan

TIF ID 54-0950
Taxes refunded $278,959.33
Taxes paid $3,959.89
County Name KNOX
County Number 54
Project Date 8/17/98
City Name WAUSA
School District WAUSA 76R
Base School 54-0576
Unified LC
Class 3
Name Wausa Leisure Living Center Redevelopment Plan
Location Project area is surrounded by Pershing Street on the North, Bismark Street, if extended, on the East, Marshall Street on the South, if extended, and the Wausa Nursing Center on the West.
Description The TIF funds will be applied back to the project itself to cover expenses including appropriate drainage of the area, sewer facilities and the updating of all electric, water, gas, telephone and other utilities. Developer plans to construct, initially, 16 studio units and four one-bedroom apartments which will provide assisted living services for senior citizens and others who desire personal services and amenities. Note original TIF notice filed 1998 but division of tax did not begin until 2001.